Azzaya - Thy Satanick Ascension LP ABM-14

Azzaya - Thy Satanick Ascension LP ABM-14

Adirondack Black Mass is proud to present Azzaya's debut album "Thy Satanick Ascension" on vinyl! 45+ minutes of a violent into satanic madness. This international outfit consisting of members from Turkey, Greece and Portugal has put forth a blistering record of hateful black metal the way it should be.

Other places to purchase the vinyl:
North America: Season of Mist
EU: Iron Bonehead, Sathariel Records

1. Evoking the Khaosatan 03:55
2. Raging Satanik Aggression 04:15
3. Eathereal Kaozsphere Beginneth 04:08
4. Thy Satanick Ascension 03:44
5. Rytes of Infernall Profonation 04:29
6. Infernal Pseudomonarchia 04:11
7. Empyreal of the Lorde Infernall 04:40
8. Invocation of the Kaosephiroth Mantra 04:25
9. Evoking the Rites of the Sabbath 04:28
10. Outroduction (Satanik Tekvin II) 02:32
11. Satanik Tekvin 02:57
12. Se'irim Asa'el 03:25
Total: 47:09


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