Great Cold Emptiness - Death Gifted a Bouquet CD

Great Cold Emptiness - Death Gifted a Bouquet CD

From Great Cold Emptiness:Autumnal / Sorrowful / Stark / Funereal

Death Gifted a Bouquet is the second LP by Maine based Atmospheric Black/Epic Funeral Doom Metal giants, Great Cold Emptiness

It follows the story of a grieving mother living in solitude in the middle of a large autumn forest and the straining relationship she has with her daughter. Conceptually, it follows the daughter's understanding of living a fatherless life, with the father abandoning his family for worldly pursuits, the mother's descent into self-inflicted violence and alcoholism, and the importance of a man to be the protector of his household. Throughout, the daughter must decide if she wants to follow the same paths as the rest of her family or to forge her own. Themes such as hard work, family unity, corruption of the soul, humility & dignity, enlightenment through suffering and the beauty of frontiers are prevalent here.

Death Gifted a Bouquet is a heartbreaking and truly moving piece that had been inspired by my recent breakup of 3 years with a woman that went down a very dark path I could not follow. Contrasting the album's somber yet bittersweet ending, she ended up giving me extreme disillusionment of my purpose, who I am, what I stand for, and what my future is like. It's a labor of love and anguish I can call my best work thus far. You can expect the synth-laden textural atmospheres I'm known for, but it's a much darker and heavier release both sonically and thematically.


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