Vaultwraith - Decomposing Spells LP / CD ABM-25

$10.00 - $23.00
Vaultwraith - Decomposing Spells LP / CD ABM-25

Heavy metal fans and horror lovers rejoice! Vaultwraith's 3rd LP "Decomposing Spells" is upon us and the ghouls could not be happier. "Decomposing Spells" features 10 songs with more riffs than giallo red herrings and more energy than a Fulci plot line.

This is limited to 300 copies, on a gatefold vinyl, full of horror inspired art and most importantly fantastic blackened heavy metal. Each gatefold will come with a J&B inspired coaster from all the hours of seeing those bottles in old horror films that no doubt have their home in the heart of this release.

Vinyl is from Adirondack Black Mass
CD is form Hells Headbangers


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