Sepulchral Rites - Death and Bloody Ritual LP/CD

$12.00 - $20.00
Sepulchral Rites - Death and Bloody Ritual LP/CD

Red vinyl version, limited to 100 copies.

From Dunkelheit:

"Sepulchral Rites are a young band wanting to contribute to the Chilean pantheon with their young blood of Death Metal. And while they do tread the long trodden path of old school Death Metal, they have managed to offer something new to those always seeking to inhale decay and at the same time being invigorated by it. “Death and Blood Ritual” is their new recording, and offers a personal take and perspective of old school death metal through the young eyes of a female band. Their sound exhales death imbued with a feminine influence of Southamerican shamanism and primal nocturnal witchcraft, and in such a way, they have contributed not only to the Chilean scene, but also to the worldwide death metal scene.

“Death and Bloody Ritual” presents four tracks with an outro and intro sealing the pact with the feminine relationship with nature, shamanism and witchcraft with a cyclic nature: everything ends where it begins, very much like with death itself. "


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